OUR game against Carlisle United was always going to be a strong test of our play-off credentials - and proved to be a stronger test than some maybe expected.

I know it is a case of personal opinion and others will argue that so and so should start or we should play in a certain way.

But it is easy to be an expert in the cold light of day, or when it is not actually our job to make the decisions - if management were easy, we could all do it.

As Theodore Roosevelt said: “It is not the critic who counts....".

All joking aside, we are showing so much more fight and the fact that a draw was disappointing to some really does show how far we have come and that we are in the mindset that we should be winning all the games we play.

All round, it was a final 30 minutes to be proud of, both from the players and the way the fans got behind the team, willing them on till the final whistle.

After going a goal down in the 57th minute it was then a completely different game.

Last season it would have been, I feel, a case of here we go again, heads dropping and no matter what was tried, the three points lost.

This season, this has not been the case.

We show the desire and dogged determination to keep in the game and go on the attack.

We have developed a never-say-die attitude and the subs that were made back it up.

All three were attack-minded players and the tempo was stepped up to get the equaliser and once that was achieved, to go for the win.

Once man-of-the-match Frankie Kent got the all-important goal, there was no sitting back or resting on our laurels and Sammie Szmodics was so unlucky not to get the winner late in the game.

For all the action on the pitch from both teams, the highlight for most was the comedy of the ball going out for a throw.

Normally, this would be a simple action and the referee would indicate the team to have won the throw-in or if unsure, looked to his assistant for some direction.

But not during one moment in the second half, when both referee and assistant looked at each other, pretty much shrugged their shoulders and just went with what the players were doing.

Funny yes but once again, sums up the issues with officials this season.

What will the final months of the season bring? Who can say for sure but I will be willing to bet it's a rollercoaster of a ride that I for one would not be missing for the world.

I would love to go up via the play-offs but only if I could foresee the result and knew we would win - my heart could not take the potential three extra games, come May.

Roll on Saturday and the trip to Swindon - three points on the road, fingers crossed.