We are off to the Cobblers tomorrow.

Not for shoe repairs, though, more like some much-needed results repair after another disappointing defeat at Crewe.

It’s time to knuckle down and regain the focus after the distractions of the January transfer window.

It’s time to get back to winning ways, because the U’s have a golden opportunity this season to get promoted.

It may not come our way again for a while.

To miss out on a top seven finish would be frustrating, and in our remaining three-month 16-game scramble, the U’s have got to be looking to win every single one of them.

Go for the jugular a bit more is the view of some of the anguished fans who went to Crewe last week, and trust the substitutes at your disposal.

The U’s have played some excellent attacking football this season and they can do so again.

A fit again Luke Norris would help, but so too will the signing of Ben Stevenson from Wolves.

I thought he was a player of real quality when he was with us last season and I am looking forward to seeing him play again and be that more creative midfielder that we have been lacking.

Ben is a very good acquisition by the U’s.

Let’s hope that Abo Eisa, our on loan winger from Shrewsbury, is also up for making an impact.

Be good to see what has got tomorrow afternoon.

It was sounding like the U’s were going to fall short in the new faces department with comments made about lost deals and the like.

As I write on the eve of the final day of the transfer chaos, I sincerely hope that as you read this, John McGreal has been left with a squad that can take us back to League One.

Hopefully it will also be a squad that can hold on to leads as you may have seen the disturbing sight of the half-time League Two table being thrown around social media this week.

If football was decided over 45 minutes (please don’t suggest it to FIFA) then the U’s would have already been crowned champions by some margin.

A rather painful statistic.

However, it is 90 minutes of U’s football that I am looking forward to watching at Northampton tomorrow.

They are a tough team to break down so we’ll need to be patient and play to our strengths.

To get involved in an arm wrestle, by that I mean a physical and aerial battle, would be fruitless.

The U’s have skilful players who need time on the ball, so let’s give them that time.

Best of luck tomorrow U’s and a safe journey to the boys and girls off to the shoe repair shop at Sixfields.