JANUARY, post Christmas blues, back to work, the credit card bill, the list of the 'joys' goes on.

But to every football fan there is an even greater shadow looming this time of year - the January transfer window.

It is a time of hiding behind the sofa, not daring to look at social media.

Have we lost any key players? Is the squad being strengthened? Sadly for League Two clubs, it's a case of at times turning to Google to find out just who the new player is fresh off the plane from a league and club we have never heard of.

This window is no different. I've dearly hoped for two things.

Firstly, that we do manage to get one or two signings across the line.

That has happened with the addition of both Abo Eisa and Ben Stevenson and here's hoping they are a big success with us.

Then there is the second aim - to keep hold of the current squad.

The way this season has gone, it would be a shock and quite frankly an insult to the players and the club if there was not interest from up in the higher realms of the EFL.

Sammie Szmodics and Frankie Kent are certain to be on that watch list but I really hope they stay and if they don't, it will be a big loss for the second half of the season.

But if the offers are right and they feel its the time to step up, all we can do is wish them well. They are young talented players and deserve a shot higher up at the right club.

Talking of ex-players, I always find it interesting to see how old players who have moved on are received when they return or we visit their new club.

I am sure we all remember a Mr Guthrie and the cloud he left under, he deserved all the reaction and feeling towards him over both games this season.

But it's much nicer to have reunions like this past weekend at Crewe and seeing Chris Porter.

I felt Chris was a true professional when he played for us and even though he has left, he still takes the time to speak to the Colchester fans - as well as the yearly picture with my wife Jess, his number one fan - and acknowledge the travelling support.

This is something players of all levels and clubs should remember; they are at the club for however long or short a time as the situation dictates but the lasting impact will be there and the fans will always show in our own unique way where the ex-players stand.

As often quoted: "Play for the badge on the front of the shirt and the name on the back will be remembered."

I do hope no-one leaves but if they do, fingers crossed it is done the right way and we can look back fondly on them and what they did for the club.