Views on the U's with long-time Colchester United season-ticket holder Si Collinson

ANOTHER weekend of the ups and downs of watching Colchester United.

Bottom of the table side Notts County were in town and on paper, it was a game that offered an easy three points.

But of course with our beloved U's, nothing is certain.

An early goal gave us a 1-0 lead and I for one was confident that the fortunes of the last few weeks had been turned around and we were heading for the bounce back and a convincing home win.

Alas, that was not quite the case.

Three goals for the away team, conceded by a normally strong defence, quickly changed things and to a certain degree the mood in the ground, at least with the home fans.

A lucky goal just before half-time brought the U's back into it, in the nick of time.

As the second half began the change in the team and mindset from the last few seasons began to show.

Unlike previous years, I felt there was not the defeatist attitude and we did not just sit back and except the defeat followed by the excuses in the post-match interviews.

Instead, we took the game to them - as I know you will say the home team should - and were rewarded with a penalty that was converted.

Until the final whistle, we pushed and tried to find the winner but sadly, to no avail.

The U's management team at times get hounded on social media but at the end of the day, they cannot kick the ball and it comes to the players to step up.

This was shown last Saturday, as instead of feeling sorry for themselves the players dusted themselves down and pushed on.

Will this be a key point come the end of the season, or two points lost? Only time will tell.

But the U's fans were at least given a team with passion and will to drive on.

On a more personal note, last Saturday saw a group of family and friends splashing out on a hospitality box to celebrate Nick Finch's 21st birthday and a great day was had by all.

But to me, the highlight was taking my son George along - he has been to a few pre-season games but as he now approaches the age of two, he has a vague idea what is going on.

Seeing his face as he took the pitch in as we opened the door, along with him clapping, smiling and generally having fun, showed how much football really is more than just a game.

While the results are clearly a big part in it, seeing his enjoyment and him taking his first steps in supporting the U's was worth so much more.