Long-time Colchester United supporter and South Stand season-ticket holder Si Collinson gives his views on the U's.

Football - it's a funny old game.

This was very evident Saturday afternoon at the Jobserve Community Stadium where we took on lowly Macclesfield Town.

With all the hype around their new manager Sol Campbell it could have easily been a day to forget for us.

However, it wasn't to be the case and gets me onto the point in hand, the emotions that the game brings out in the fans.

Macclesfield had been in the press all week after their new boss gave an interesting first press conference and I was intrigued to see what effect he had on their players and fanbase.

As it turns out, the answer was not a lot.

He cut a forlorn figure on the touchline and their small travelling hardcore of fans were not much happier.

In all honestly, they looked as if they had given up hope and just going through the 90 minutes of same old same old from their team.

Even when their team did show signs of getting into the game, they hardly responded.

To the outsider and a casual observer of the game, they might come across as strange individuals who travelled all this way just to see a certain defeat.

But they show that the love for a football club is like a drug that become an addiction.

They know that deep down they have to weather the storm of the lows in order to really embrace the euphoria of the highs.

I know my wife, a loyal Col U fan herself, questions my sanity week in week out on away days up and out at the crack of dawn, just for 90 minutes.

But it's so much more; it is an escape, a passion and way of life.

This season, so far we are having the highs of a season.

We have had the last years of disappointment, so this year could it be our year?

The buzz around the ground is one of positivity and the supporters bar has opened at the right time and is great place now with smiling faces to get a pre-game atmosphere.

We go to games expecting three points, not just misplaced optimism, but a genuine belief that we can beat anyone at home.

Away days are even better with a small core of travelling fans who got to all he games and pretty much know each other by sight, if not name.

The players feel it and the bond that the management, players and fans are building is one to be proud of. You can see their joy at the wins and despair in defeat, they feel it as much as we do.

I've focused on the two sides of football's emotional roller-coaster for two reasons.

Firstly to show just how good we are having it this season compared to what it could be but also to encourage local football fans to come along and take in a game.

Colchester United is a club with a young squad on the up and now is the time to experience the highs - long may they continue.

Last Saturday morning, we were worried about how the Macclesfield game would go, Saturday evening was spent in the excitement of the win, then comes Sunday and the joys of Sunday league one team win the second lose and along comes the disappointment that it goes with it and a Sunday evening of what ifs and if only.

Yet this coming weekend we, who cannot escape the game, will go through it all again.

Like I said, it's a funny old game.