IT'S been a similar story to last week for our boat anglers, with plenty of rays feeding and dogfish from most venues.

Most of the rays are around the 5lb-mark, although there are one or two bigger ones showing.

Dave Hollands landed a 12-pounder from his own boat and also reported that dogfish were in abundance from all venues.

Bass are still being caught and fish to 6lbs plus have been reported.

The odd smooth-hound has also been caught, although I think this could be the last week we see them until next year.

The beaches have also had a similar week, although the whiting shoals have got bigger and all venues seem to be packed with these fish.

It's great news if you don’t want to catch anything else, but it's difficult to get your bait through to a different species of fish without whiting grabbing hold of it first!

Clacton Pier saw plenty of whiting, with some thornback rays.

Bass are still showing here as well.

There's not much news on codling here this week, but there will be one or two to be caught.

Colchester Sea Angling Club fished the last evening match of their Colchester Bait and Tackle matches on the Clacton beaches.

It was a calm evening with only light winds.

Thirteen anglers fished and all caught fish, mainly whiting but some bass, sole, flounder and thornback rays were caught.

Gary Hambleton came first with 14lb 13oz, which included a 3lb 13oz thornback ray which won him the heaviest round fish pool.

Second place went to Phil Buy, with 7lb 13oz of mainly whiting.

A close third was Mick Bradley, with 7lb 5oz.

Mick’s catch included a 10oz flounder, taking the flatfish pool.

After six matches of the Colchester Bait and Tackle, the final winners were Neil Cocks (61 points), Dave Clark (47 points), Phil Buy (45 points), Gary Hambleton (44 points) and Mark Sessions (40 points).

Thanks to Kevan Martin, from Colchester Bait and Tackle, for sponsoring this evening league.

The Holland beaches have been slow.

The sea has once again been fairly clear and daytime fishing has been a struggle.

Try the night tides and if you can get through the whiting there are rays to be caught.

Walton Pier continues steadily to catch fish - once again rays from the head of the pier along with whiting and dogfish.

Dabs have started to be caught this week and on calm days they can be great sport on light tackle.

Walton Sea Angling Club fished their evening match from the top of the pier.

They fished an ebb tide and fairly flat sea.

Once again, whiting were the main catch, plus dogfish, dogfish, dabs and a solitary codling.

Top spot went to Rob Tuck, with 24 fish for 11lb 4oz.

Second place went to Ken Peacock with 16 fish (5lb 13oz) and third to Chris Mills, with 14 fish (5lb 11oz).

The heaviest fish prize went to Rob with a 2lb 8oz codling.

The high tides for the weekend are 2.03pm on Saturday and 1.43pm on Sunday.