BRAD Quinton said it was easier to accept compliments about his Braintree Town team after they'd put three Vanarama National League points in the bag rather than hearing nice things on the back of defeats.

Joe Ellul’s headed goal in the 55th minute was enough to secure a 1-0 win at Gateshead that notched the Iron’s first mark in the wins column in the 2018/19 National League table.

It was something they had failed to do in their opening ten games and the three points were enough to lift the Iron off the foot of the table.

Quinton said opposing teams had been complimentary about his side during that tough opening part of the campaign, but he was happier accepting it on the back of a win.

He said: "I'd been saying for a while that we'd been losing by only the odd goal here and there and it's been very fine lines for us, but the boys were superb at Gateshead, especially considering the journey that we had up there and the hours it took on a coach.

"It was a real dogged performance, but we also played some good football and I was delighted to get the result.

"I just think that that performance is what this league is about.

"They've needed to know when to manage a match a bit more and we have spoken in depth to them about that.

"But this game showed that they are getting to understand when they need to do it, to make sure they are organised and you could see that our shape was a lot better.

"We have worked so hard on that and we will continue to do that, but I think the way we played at Gateshead highlights that they know where we are coming from now.

"All the defeats recently have been by the odd goal, so for us to go up to Gateshead, who have been doing very well at the start of the season, and play the way we did was very encouraging.

"The Gateshead staff and fans were very complimentary about how we'd played in the clubhouse after the game.

"To be honest that's something that I've been hearing a lot at the start of the season, but it's been hard to take when we've not been getting the results and it was nice to hear it after a win this time.

"We haven't been absolutely battered by anyone, but the higher you go, the more mistakes get punished by these full-time teams.

"That is a fact and our boys have had to realise that they are in the big time now.

"They have had to learn that it is results that matter and that you have to do what it takes to win a game.

"As individuals, they have had to do that and they have had to understand that it's down to them; a manager can't pick them up and tell them where they're supposed to be on the pitch in a game situation, they have to learn that.

"But we have been drilling it into them at training and hopefully they are taking it on board now.

"We still need to keep working, but everyone was superb at Gateshead and it showed the hard work that we have all been doing - players and coaches.

"We believe in what we are doing.

"I know what we can do and I was pleased that it had finally come together with that result.

"It's been hard but we have kept believing."