ED and Elliot Appleby's figure skating success was acknowledged at the Colne Community School's sports awards.

The Wivenhoe brothers jointly received one of their special sports awards and were presented with the shield by Olympic gold medal-winning sailor, Saskia Clark.

Their sister Alexandra had previously received the award in 2015, when she was a Year 10 student at The Colne, in recognition of her figure skating achievements.

Elliot is a Year 10 student and Ed a Year 8 student at the Brightlingsea-based school, whose support for their training and development as a competitive figure skaters is greatly appreciated.

In the final competition of the 2018/19 season, Elliot achieved a new personal best score in the Junior Men's Free Programme at the Coventry Open IJS.

Alexandra, who is an A-level student at Colchester Sixth Form College, made a return to singles figure skating events after a ten-month association with synchronised skating, at the same event.

The trophies received by Elliot at the competition were the ones won the previous year by Ed, who is working on new programme material for the 18/19 season.

The next competition of the season will the Lee Valley Open IJS at the Lee Valley Ice Centre, London later this month.

Elliot and Ed will compete at Junior level in both the Short and Free events, while Alexandra will take part at Advanced Novice level.

Elliot and Ed continue to train several times a week at Riverside Ice and Leisure, Chelmsford, with their Ice Professionals John Wicker and Jane Faux and now also at Sapphire Ice and Leisure, in Romford.