A TRIO from Colchester's Western Karate Union (WKU) enjoyed success in their Dan Grading, in Bristol.

Beth Smith, Lily Hopkins and Jim Smith all excelled in the gruelling examination, which took place in blistering temperatures.

It consisted of basics, kata, ippons and kumite, in front of a panel of seven senior WKU judges, headed by Chief Instructor, Alan Flook, 8th Dan.

Beth Smith, 16, achieved great success by passing her 1st Dan Black Belt.

Lily Hopkins, 27, secured her 2nd Dan while Jim Smith (43) claimed his 5th Dan.

Beth is trained by dad Jim and grandad Les Birkin, who is 8th Dan and Chief Instructor of Colchester Traditional Karate Club and still teaches and trains regularly, despite recently celebrating his 70th birthday.

Hopkins trains with Jim and Les but also with dad Peter Hopkins, 5th Dan, at his Great Bentley Karate Club.