Teacher makes sure no one culture gets left behind. 

A teacher from the Appleton school, a french teacher named Mrs Sandu held a culture club in her room to celebrate Portugues culture . The lunchtime included a PowerPoint and some traditional food. After she had this to say 

"I've just taken it on board and my first experience was arranged and my first plan didnt work out the way I wanted and should have food and desserts explaining instead of a PowerPoint"

Only one person doing some games about pourtagaul and have more of an envoling lesson and to pay attention to what it was all about 

Moving foward to Christmas she is doing Christmas around the world 

This includes one table for Christmas in France and other counties 

Another program she launched was for year 10 student called the 12 days of christmas each box has a differnt language based Christmas activity people who finish get a special prize at the end