The days of tabloid journalism are rapidly fading out of the country however Colchester Sixth Form appears to be kindling the embers through their college magazine which encourages students to utilise their writing and persuasion abilities.

Broadcast media and social media’s influence stretches far and wide to the degree that news has become a homogenous blob where the stories are totally formulaic and seemingly distant from every-day life. Yet, the college magazine has proceeded to recapture the flare and fiery passion that all journalists must possess to create gripping stories that, especially as a localised magazine, everyone can relate to and be interested in. Through this revivified desire to report the news, students have been offered the opportunity to partake in the Young Reporters scheme which provides a real flavour of the Fleet Street world replete with deadlines and catchy headlines.

It is perfectly reasonable that media styles evolve. First it was speeches, then pamphlets, newspapers, radio broadcasts, television and now social media. This clearly attests to the fact that progress does not necessarily mean improvement as, whilst this may make news more accessible, the personal nature of news has dissipated entirely. Instead of being spoken down to and offered manufactured consensuses, people can now access a reservoir of student voices as well as student acquired facts through investigation demonstrating that students can shape the narrative not just conform to a premade one.

Additionally, students can decide topic choice which makes for a multifaceted magazine addressing issues ranging from current affairs to fashion advice. Furthermore, the teacher who runs the college magazine (Julia Glozier) offered a glowing endorsement of the magazine by stating, ‘the college magazine has been running for over 20 years, and every year students amaze me with their originality, nose for a good story and accomplished writing’. Clearly, the respect and gratitude is reciprocated between students and staff which makes for a hospitable atmosphere to foster a new generation of young writers.