Fashion. We all know it but do we know its impacts?

Fashion can be seen as an amazing thing . Which it is ! Fashion is a form of self expression - wearing clothes which you feel confident in and to express yourself . Fashion can boost your self esteem and is considered a form of escapism .

Fashion connects people in a way in which it allows people to communicate their identity and make an impression on others .This can be good for your mental health; you can connect with others which you have similar interests with.

However , there is a negative side. Fashion has a reputation to controversial situations and negative aspects. From designers having massive pressure to create the best next piece and mental health issues on a rise in models . The fashion industry focuses heavily on appearance which has developed into leading to mental health issues and glamourising these issues.

Fashion is so fast paced- new trends are always happening this can also cause mental health issues . Due to new trends happening all the time , many believe that to ‘fit in’ they have to own these new trendy pieces which can create a pressure to buy these products .

Not only is fashion affecting mental health , it plays a large role in affecting the environment.Fast fashion is a growing garment which sells clothing and items at a low cost in the mean time it’s use of cheap, toxic textile dye has made the fashion industry one of the largest polluters of clean water globally aswell as creating a considerable amount of waste ,pollution and degradation to the air and wildlife habitat.

How can we stop these negative aspects ?

Shopping secondhand is a great way of buying clothes and other products which doesn’t cause pollution to the environment and promotes recycling.Why is secondhand shopping increasing? they offer high quality products at reasonable prices which have a wide variety of items from all different eras .

Donating unwanted clothes . Do you ever just have clothes you hardly wear or have never worn? Donating these clothes benefits not just you but others . This means that the clothes lifespan is extended and reduces waste .

Think. Do you really want to buy that item or is it just because everyone else has it ? Invest in products that you know will work and are what you like not what others have and say .