Colchester is well known for the Mercury theatre, with its popular pantomime each year and a host to all kinds of different theatre and theatre companies. But the Mercury isn't the only theatre in Colchester, Colchester is also home to the hidden gem that is headgate theatre found at 14 Chapel St N, CO2 7AT.  

Headgate is a massive opportunity for aspiring young performers. Their headgate youth company offers a variety of workshops all surrounding acting/performance skills and homes a multi-talented friendly group of people. ‘The Headgate theatre are always open to new ideas and are the best place to present new ideas to be put on stage’ - Richard Bland, theatre practioneer and a leader of the headgate young company. The headgate our always hosting or taking part in local performances such as the Colchester fringe festival. 

Upcoming to the headgate theatre is an audition opportunity for 16-21 for a Monster calls directed by Paul T Davies. This is a great opportunity for any inspiring actors between 16 and 21, any interest in auditions head to the headgate theatre’s website and book your audition slot. Creative and technical roles are also available. 

The headgate theatre is an amazing theatre that should not be overlooked, so keep an eye out for upcoming performances and don’t be afraid to take part in any of their workshops/theatre groups as it will be a missed opportunity.