Across the last few months, millions of teenagers nationally have been faced with the daunting process of beginning A-Levels and other forms of higher education. With this process often involving leaving friendship groups, moving into new areas and delving into a sometimes overwhelming detail of study, it is no surprise that many struggle with this transition. Maybe a family member you know, maybe the neighbour’s child, maybe even you, have been struggling with adjusting.

However, it is important to remember that there are plenty of measures that you can take in an attempt to improve your confidence and settle into a new environment.

Speaking in an interview with year twelve student, Luke Stephens, he revealed that he initially felt as though he ‘wasn’t prepared to lose friends,’ in the way that he did when he began college. He describes the experience as being ‘positive’ overall, loving the ‘adult treatment’ that he now receives. Despite this, Stephens stressed that he understands the situation can be ‘crushing and lonely’ for others.

So how can you help yourself if you’re feeling lost?

According to the NHS website, methods of improving self-confidence are as follows:

  • Recognising Skills-

Maybe this is simply patting yourself on the back when you reach that deadline on time, or making a conscious effort to do things that make you feel confident, ensuring that you value yourself is essential in gaining the confidence needed to settle into a new environment.

  • Positive Relationship Building-

On your journey to confidence, ensuring that you maintain and develop positive relationships is critical. Toxic relationships are often draining and can leave you left feeling emotionally exhausted. Prioritising finding relationships in which you feel cared for and supported are a powerful influence upon a person’s confidence.

  • Practice Self-Care-

Perhaps this means chucking on some relaxing music, lighting a candle and picking up a book after a long day at work? Self care is such an important part of maintaining good wellbeing and can turn any bad day into an amazing one.

  • And last but not least… Challenge Yourself-

Start putting yourself first and doing what you want to do. Embrace the highs and lows of life and always push yourself beyond your limits. Maybe pick up a new hobby, go to a concert, throw a party or star as loudest singer at karaoke night: perhaps the ultimate creator of confidence is experiencing new things each and every day.