For lots of people at the moment exam season is closing in and if you haven’t already begun now is the time to start revising. So, I present to you my favourite revision techniques to help you start. 

The first one I suggest you look into is The Feynman Technique. Now this does typically require two or more people but can be practised alone. The basics of this technique are essentially teaching, or pretending to teach, your partner or group about a topic to test your own knowledge on it. It’s really good for remembering things for your subjects since you're putting it into your own terms and your own words will stick better than words you don’t necessarily understand. 

Another popular technique and one I personally find the most helpful for myself is blurting. This is where you read about a certain topic and make a massive mindmap of everything you can remember after reading. Then you fill in all the information you missed in a different colour. This is a really good tool because it enables immediate active recall and can be used to refer back to when you need to find what you need to revise. 

Finally, my last two suggested techniques are popular and traditional revision activities: Flashcards and Past Papers. These are both super beneficial since they both require active recall as well as showing you exactly what topics you need to recap. They’re both easily accessible too as there's many free online across multiple exam boards. 

I hope this helps. Good luck to all people facing exams soon!