Apprenticeships, the next big thing.


For many after completing GCSEs or A-Levels, going to university isn't their first option. Apprenticeships are becoming an increasingly important way for many young people to break into the industry they've always wanted to. With different levels for different skill sets this is a more modern way to learn. 


Apprenticeships are a government run qualification combining both practical learning as well as classroom learning. Many different renowned companies offer apprenticeships from the BBC to the Royal Navy offering a range of different levels in different specialties. There are many different levels for different levels of knowledge. The schemes start from an entry level 2 which is the equivalent of 5 GCSEs up to a level 6 to 7 which is similar to a bachelors or masters degree. 


Emily, currently undertaking an apprenticeship, says ‘I enjoy my apprenticeship because I get to apply classroom knowledge to real life situations, alongside learning even more practical skills. Apprenticeships are a great way to work towards qualifications and gain experience towards a future career’


Apprenticeships bring along with it many perks that a lot of young people want. There is the ability to learn on the job as well as having some sort of schooling. This combines classroom learning with practical on the job elements. Apprenticeships also provide income for people whilst learning which is excellent as universities are expensive. Apprenticeships are a great way to find something that you enjoy. Many people find them really helpful to provide a way into an industry that may not have been able to get into otherwise in addition to learning from experts. Older people who want to undergo a career change are also able to complete this qualification which is a brilliant way of finding the perfect career in something that interests them. This also gives young people time to consider university to make sure that they are truly interested in the subject.


Finally, there are many ways to find apprenticeships if you need help. My advice is to check the government website, check any company you like and search ‘early careers’ or find someone who will be able to give you expertise on the subject that you want to go into. In Colchester the Institute College offers courses which contain apprenticeships that can be completed locally. They are a great resource to help find the subject that you are interested in.