Does our education system need to change?

As our world continues to evolve rapidly, is our education system failing to keep pace? Are our students being left behind with an overwhelming amount of irrelevant information, leaving them unprepared to navigate the challenges of the future?

A lot of students have a kinaesthetic learning style, but unfortunately, this type of learning is not commonly incorporated into traditional school education. This means that students often find it challenging to sit still and absorb information for long periods, resulting in restlessness and reduced productivity. Consequently, they may not complete their work to the best of their ability.  

Students today are constantly bombarded with tests that seem to assess nothing but their ability to recall information. Many of these tests do not reflect their true skills and knowledge, which should be based on application and critical thinking. In an age of technology, where information is readily available with a click of a button, isn’t it time we moved away from memory-based tests and focused on cultivating skills that will help students succeed in the real world?

"Is there ever any break for us students? We are constantly under pressure to focus on our studies and being told that school is the most important thing in our lives. On top of that, we must deal with additional homework and deadlines, and we constantly seem to be being assessed, answering questions that often seem to be a memory test of information that we will never use again.” This was the view of one student that I questioned who will be sitting their GCSE examinations this year.  Due to such high expectations, many students suffer from anxiety which can lead to poor grades and a sense of failure. Seeing so many students leave school feeling stressed and overwhelmed is disheartening and support organizations such as Childline suggest that requests for counselling for students with exam stress are increasing.

Surely there are better ways of assessing and engaging meaningfully with all students and maybe our education system needs to change to ensure that they all can reach their full potential.