In today’s modern society manners are still as important as they used to be, especially within a school environment. However, is this still understood by students? Whether it may be a please or a thank you, they are still highly regarded within any social circumstance, rather than ignoring the situation at hand. When was the last time a young individual held the door open for you? Is this really happening, or is this an exaggeration regarding the state of the situation? 

Manners are a value of respect, they help to validate politeness and encourage consideration of others. Whether manners are seen as non-negotiable to you or a little gesture that doesn’t matter, the gesture is what counts, this can assemble relationships between strangers. These actions may stay with a person, and could always help you in the future, it could be your future employer, teacher or anyone. So why do some of the young generations regard manners as useless, when it could maintain respect with an authoritative individual who can help to shape your future. One small act of respect can make a massive difference of appreciation within a relationship, that may lead to a helpful hand in the future.

Recently, through being in a school environment it has brought this issue to hand, realising that even opening a door for someone seems to not be common knowledge. Whether society lacks manners or if it is the hesitation for someone to be polite, this needs to be fixed. These are courtesy actions and they aren’t necessarily expected but it should be a gesture out of good will. Environments within schools are constantly adapting and changing, from reception to year 13 I have inevitable changed and been brought through many different institutions. But change isn’t an excuse, when you become comfortable within the same environment it’s commonly known for people to start to lack in certain manners and attitudes. So, when this is brought up in School assemblies, this is a helpful skill for our young generation as this will be useful in a workplace in everyday life. 

Whether schools are starting to lack in manners, doesn’t mean they do not exist. People understand showing respect to your authoritative figure and that is a majorly important part of being in a school environment. So the real question is are manners declining within schools, or is this an exaggeration of the situation at hand?