Top 3 cruelty free brands – 


Over the last couple of years there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of cruelty free brands. Cruelty free is when brands don’t test on animals and use other methods to make sure that their products are safe for human beings. “In the UK, vegan beauty product’s sales increased by 38% in 2018. And 56% of UK consumers are adopting vegan buying behaviours.” (YouGov, 2019). With more people making a conscious effort to avoid animal testing brands, a wider range of options are available. Here are the three of my favourite alternative beauty ranges. 


Lush – Lush is a cruelty free brand that are actively fighting against animal testing. They have an amazing range from bath bombs to hair masks, so if you ever need to treat yourself or someone else, then Lush is the place to go. 


Elf – Elf has a great line of makeup options that allow you to stay on top of current makeup trends, just without the animal testing part! 


The Body Shop – personally I see The Body Shop as a combination of both Lush and Elf. They provide a great skincare, body care and makeup selection that really can cater for every need. 


Overall, these products may be a tiny bit more expensive than their animal testing competitors, however they are most definitely worth it. The more people that invest into brands like these, then the more accessible they become. This will hopefully allow more brands to a wider cruelty free range and lower their prices if demand increases.