The past 2 years have been a roller-coaster of uncertainty and this has bled into all aspects of life, including Holidays.

There are so many new variables with any decision to go abroad: Covid tests, isolating, masks, testing positive abroad to name a few. Many people want to brave this new changed world but are weary of the risks it entails.

So what are the positives? Well with so much of the past 2 years being cooped up in isolation and being stuck inside with restrictions and apprehension, I’m sure many of us are desperate to get away with a change of environment and maybe aa bit of sun. Even something small such as slightly warmer weather and moving away from your computer can provide well needed rest and raise your mood. So does this have to be abroad? There’s no simple answer: for some the cost and stress of covid restrictions negates the benefits, for others hopping on a plane is the best way to enjoy a holiday.

With all of this considered, if you do decide to travel abroad this summer it is essential to put some research into covid protocols and rules in your chosen destination as it would be terrible to get stuck isolating in a hotel in a foreign country that may not provide free healthcare if necessary.

So the question is: 2 years since covid bloomed uncertainty in all aspects of life, do you think it’s worth the risks to travel abroad this year?