I’m sure you have all gotten a nice card and present for your mothers or maternal figures today (if not, here’s your reminder- it’s not too late) but what is the history behind this special occasion?

Officially named ‘Mothering Sunday’, Mother’s Day occurs on the 4th Sunday of the Christian festival of Lent. This is due to the tradition of visiting your ‘mother’ church on this day to bring offerings and thanks during the 16th Century. And even further back in history, Ancient Greeks would celebrate the Greek goddess Rhea, mother of all gods and goddesses, every spring with festivals of worship.

Despite its religious history, Mothering Sunday has veered from its original traditions and now it is commonly accepted for people of all religions and beliefs to use this day to give thanks to their own mothers and maternal figures. Nowadays, many people celebrate with flowers, chocolates and acts of kindness for their mothers.

In talking to my own mother, Sara Reilley, I understand the impact of thoughtful gestures no matter the cost behind them, “It’s lovely to know that my children appreciate me, especially on Mother’s Day. I love getting their cards and reading the thoughtful messages and of course the gifts!”

Knowing how much my mum does for me, I am glad that I can prioritise her today and give her a day to show her how much I love and appreciate her.

This is a day to appreciate and celebrate all that mums all over the country and world do, so show your mum some love no matter the cost. It doesn’t have to be expensive, even just spending time with her could make her day.