Colchester Sixth Form College runs a range of additional studies, one of the more unusual ones being an archeology course. 

Archaeology is perfect for anyone who is interested in the past and intrigued by monuments, such as Stonehenge and the Pyramids. It’s also particularly relevant to the sixth form due to the site itself having strong ties to the Roman Empire with artifacts surrounding the school, even the sixth form’s canteen is called the ‘Roman Bath’ canteen. The course looks at various methods used by archaeologists to discover the past and find out what they can reveal about the evolution of human civilization and how we have developed into the society we are today.


You don’t need to have any previous experience or knowledge to join, though the course is especially useful for those who take a history subject. It’s a timetabled course that runs on Monday, from 12:30 to 1:20 and is a nationally recognised qualification. Moreover, if you particularly enjoy Archaeology, in year 13 you can complete an EPQ in the subject.


One of its members, Karina Petrusel, said  “I like it because it puts historical learning in context and links can be made across time, so it is really entertaining.” 

They’re currently learning about religion during the Neolithic period and how to identify the signs of ritualistic practices and curses, along with other types of monuments.

Her advice to people interested is that you “should try archeology because it is educational and provides a new perspective on history.”


I recently sat in on one of the sessions and although I admittedly don’t know a huge amount about archeology, the teacher who ran it was so enthusiastic that it was easy to keep up and I found myself genuinely being interested in what he had to say. The class is full of people who are engaged and friendly to any new faces, so come along and see if it’s for you.