5 must buys from Chelmsford’s refill shop this Christmas:

Ellie Lakin, The Boswells School


There’s lots to love about Christmas but whilst we revell in the festivities, Christmas is a really detrimental time for the environment creating huge amounts of waste globally. With £42 million worth of unwanted Christmas gifts being thrown into landfill and around 114,000 tones of plastic packaging being thrown away instead of recycled, Christmas can’t be an excuse to forget about the impact we have on the environment. So, here’s 5 recommended buys/alternatives that will ensure you shop local and sustainable this Christmas:



Chocolate is a staple part of the Christmas diet and is always a great gift to give or receive, so when packaging is reduced and its eco-friendly, it makes it even more palatable! With a variety of calendars available, from dairy to vegan, from dark chocolate to chocolate orange, there’s many options to choose from, all with minimal waste but most importantly great taste.




2.                           PLANTABLE CHRISTMAS CARDS

What better way to impress and surprise your friends than to give them with a plantable Christmas card. With all kinds of funky and festive designs to choose from, you could be the talk of the town. Simply plant the card in your flower pot, garden or even throw it in you compost heap. This will help reduce the huge amounts (150 million) cards that are being thrown in the bin after Christmas in the UK. these cards are a great way to stop that cycle and to have a bit of fun, get your gardening gloves on and get digging.

3.                           CHRISTMAS CAKE MIX –

With many preparations needed to be made around Christmas time, some things are best to be bought pre-made. The Refills Christmas cake mix comes with all the fruit measured out in a large jar leaving just enough space so that you all you have to do is top it up with booze. So leave the stress and the excess plastic behind and just enjoy soaking your berries!



4.                   RECYCLABLE WRAPPING PAPER - 


Unfortunately, most wrapping papers aren’t recyclable and have to be thrown straight into general waste, resulting in over 270,000 miles of it ending up in landfill. So, this Christmas if I can urge you to make one change, this would be it. Buying sustainable wrapping paper and sticky tape that is made from recycled materials can make an exceptional change. With such cute and crafty designs, this is definitely my number one buy! 




And last but not least, end Christmas with a BANG!!! Handmade bespoke crackers suited for adults, children and even dogs! This will jazz up your Christmas and will look perfect on your dinner table. Little changes like this really help make a difference by allowing small sustainable businesses to thrive.