In most small towns, there will be an abundance of charity shops. In fact, in the UK alone, there are over 9000. Even if you live in a place with little retailers, you are likely to find at least one or two. 

I interviewed Mia Hastings, who volunteers in her local Farleigh Hospice warehouse. An avid charity shopper, like myself, Mia stated that the best thing about shopping in charity shops is ‘it’s very sustainable as everything is second hand, items have long life and there’s obviously no environmental damage.’ When asked what the biggest pros of helping in a charity shop are, she replied with how great it is to see such a ‘wide range of people who shop there for different reasons,’ not to mention ‘having first pick of the clothes and organising items!’ 

With vintage and 2000s fashion on the rise again, charity shops can be the perfect place to grab a one-of-a-kind bargain that matches your style. They are also ideal for students as the prices are usually low. Furthermore, the money you are spending is going to a good cause and will be making a difference to someone’s life. You feel good about helping someone in need, you contribute to the process of saving our planet, AND you will get some unique new pieces for your wardrobe!  

If you want to reduce the effect you have on the planet, you should be shopping at and donating to your local charity shops. Next time you plan your visit to Primark, or place an order on SHEIN, take a trip to the charity shops and see what you can find there instead.