For many of us, the start of the new academic year has marked the first time back in full-time education since March 2020, or rather, the first time since the pandemic.

Whilst some may find the idea of being around hundreds of possibly unvaccinated students daunting, others may fear readjustment, and returning to a somewhat ‘normal’ life. Significant but necessary changes to the school day that were in full force last year have been removed, reintroducing the typical 9-4 timetable.

A year of partially online learning has undoubtably left many second year students feeling worried or even stressed due to the fear of being behind in their studies. Not to mention the added pressure of UCAS applications, and the cloud of uncertainty surrounding the 2022 A Levels.  First years may also be feeling anxious too, ahead of a year of new beginnings and settling into a new environment. With lessons shifting back to campus, it is normal for first and second years alike to feel disconnected from college life, and finding the adjustment to being onsite every day difficult.

Whether you are returning or just starting, this year is a new experience for everyone, from having the whole student body in college, to getting used to managing your time and homework. It is  important to remember that the feelings of uneasiness that you may have experienced this half term are common, and although it may not seem like it, many students are feeling/ have felt the same way.