After more than a year of Covid it’s unsurprising to see that it has had a massive impact on students and schools. I am personally facing the struggle of deciding on sixth forms without actually being able to visit all of my options. Some schools are having their sixth form and year 7 open days online this year meaning it can be hard to get a true grasp of the school and its subjects.

In addition to this, GCSE and A level exams still feel on the edge. This time last year, the previous year’s students thought they would still be doing exams with just a few alterations, then their final exams got cancelled completely. This year we are again in the position of our exams, currently, still going ahead with some alterations. This parallel is creating anxiety and insecurity amongst teachers and students alike. In particular for year 13 students sitting their A levels this school year as they didn’t even get the opportunity to sit their GCSE’s. One A level student, Freya Lorkin says, “I believe that this could potentially impact A Level exam performance due to never having experienced the true ‘exam season’ where there is significantly more pressure on yourself.” Therefore Freya believes,  “It is unfair to make us sit full A Level exams as many will struggle with handling the pressure.”

To make matters worse the recent rise in Covid cases within schools doesn’t ease worries. I have seen increasing numbers of students from my own classrooms and lessons be off due to Covid. Therefore it brings up the worries of the precarious position of our final exams and the possibility of returning to online school. Don’t get me wrong it felt like a novelty at first doing online lessons but the novelty wears off and the isolation kicks in. Furthermore, nothing beats the ability to learn in a classroom. It is an entirely different environment.

Overall I believe that more needs to be done to ease nerves and insecurities of the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in. Students and teachers alike shouldn’t be playing a guessing game when it comes to education.