Mental health is a big topic nowadays and it now is being spoken about more than ever due to the fact that the UK people must once again stay at home. This means no socialising with people outside of your household, no going to school or college and not going out with your friends after school or on the weekends. This takes a massive toll on people’s mental health as these activities alone could be their only escape from their inner thoughts and feelings. This is also a time of great anxiety in and amongst young people as the way the government deals with school closures and exams being cancelled, they simply do not know what to do with themselves. Normally teenagers would go out with their friends to take their minds off what is happening but with that option not available it is like they’re being left to suffer and miss out on some of the most crucial years of their lives.

The ripple effects of this come as followed. With more and more people feeling like they have no one to talk to they turn to the mental health charities and organisations, however these are extremally underfunded and simply do not have enough staff to be running them. The mental health charity ‘Mind’ has recorded a record number of callers in the past 6 months. These people call because they are stressed about schoolwork, live in toxic and abusive households and have no escape and many more reasons. 

When you add on top of this is this time, we are going into a lockdown in the winter instead of the spring summertime like last year, you can already see that this is not good. More people go through much worse mental health problems in the wintertime as it get dark really early in the afternoons and when you add on the fact that the weather isn’t always the best, we see a lot of rain and extremally cold temperatures people tend to feel a lot more on their own and can easy isolate themselves from people.

What can you do to stop this you might ask? It definitely isn’t easy, and everyone struggles with mental health differently so it can be extremally hard to get help as realistically the only people that can help you is yourself and changing your mind set. To help you change your mind set for the better we have a few tips on what to do. These tips come from mental health specialists in the hope that this time can be made a little bit easier for everyone. 

The first one they recommend is going running, I know that isn’t going to be for everyone, but it has been scientifically proven that when you go running you release happy hormones that make you feel better. Another thing they recommend is eating health and not snacking. This can also be very hard as people do tend to snack more when they are at home all day every day, probably bored with nothing to do, but remembering to still have your three meals a day with little snacking will have a big impact in your life. A final thing they recommend is to stay in contact with your friends, everyone is already on their own, don’t make it worse for yourself by isolating yourself from the people that actually want to make sure that you are okay.

So, even though you may feel alone, you definitely aren’t. even though it may seem like it there are people that care and want you to feel happy. Please if you ever feel alone don’t be afraid to speak up. We can get through this together.