With rising climate change fears and newly implemented government policies and goals, the popularity of electric vehicles is growing rapidly, with companies like Tesla and VW at the forefront of EV design and manufacture. In October 2020, EVs made up 16% of new car sales for the year. This rising increase in EVs on the road means there is a rapidly growing demand for EV charging stations. Just recently England’s first EV charging forecourt was opened in Braintree by clean energy firm Gridserve and generally you can always find a station nearby when out on the road. However, Colchester doesn’t seem to have followed along with much of the rest of the country when it comes to providing these stations.


There are a few charging stations scattered around the outer areas of Colchester, for example the one found in the BP petrol station found just near Colchester stadium. However, compared to many other towns, there is a rather meagre amount of these stations available in Colchester. The situation gets even worse when it comes to Colchester town centre. The closest options you have to the town centre are the stations located at the nearby Waitrose, Asda and Tesco. However, these options are certainly longer than a reasonable walking distance from the town centre and you can only make use of them while shopping in the supermarkets themselves. Many other town centres offer these EV charging stations within their town centre car parks, meaning you can go into the town whilst leaving your car to charge.


With Colchester building plenty of new housing and improving areas within the town centre, it is clear that the council are interested in developing the town, which is what makes me so confused as to the lack of these charging points. With diesel and petrol cars set to be no longer sold by 2030, electric vehicles are the future of personal transportation, so Colchester really needs to catch up if it wants to be a modern and popular town.