With the rise of social media influencers in the past few years, I’ve noticed that many of them promote a lifestyle that relies on materialism to be happy or to prove yourself. I’ve also noticed that many people really look up to them. Of course, not all social media stars are like this, but there a lot of people who rely on being an influencer as their main source of income, which means they rely on sponsorships. Like many people or companies who want to sell you products, they promote a lifestyle where having these products is seen as ‘mandatory’.

Similarly, this tactic is seen in the beauty industry. The beauty industry has set such high and unreasonable beauty standards, particularly for women, which leads to many feeling pressured into buying beauty products so that that can reach this impossible standard of ‘beauty’. Of course, beauty is entirely subjective, but that hasn’t managed to stop the manipulation by these companies. The same thing is now happening with influencers, with huge followings, these people really have the power to sway opinions and lifestyle choices, which they can do in ways that will get people to support their sponsors. This really leads some people to believe that they need similar things to the influencers to become happy, which is a very unhealthy mindset. Influencers are portraying that they have a perfect life.

This is not to say that every famous social media star uses their large influence for bad, many use it as a platform for activism, sharing helpful information and promoting a more content lifestyle. However, you need to be able to tell which influencers really have good intentions and who are just trying to use people and their influence to make money. 

Ultimately, you should be mindful what it is that you take from social media. Remember - your own life and happiness is in your hands.