It is every parent’s worst nightmare, to lose their child especially to something so sudden and quick. How would someone begin to cope with such a heart wrenching and indescribable pain? Well, this was the unspeakable situation that Kate Bome was faced with after losing her 23-year-old daughter, Charlotte who passed away in November 2014 of an undetected heart problem in her sleep. From then on, her loving mum pledged to help prevent other parents from losing their children from undiagnosed heart conditions. Kate set up the ‘Charlotte Adams Memorial Fund’ where her and a team called ‘Charlie’s Angels’ work together to raise money for defibrillators and local heart screening events to be held, working with C.R.Y (Cardiac Risk in the Young). The Charlotte Adams Memorial Fund has raised over £74,000 which in co-operation with C.R.Y has helped so many people as it has paid for over 500 heart screenings and 3 defibrillators. Now defibrillators are not cheap and are not a priority for local councils to install in their communities, the cost of one defibrillator, its cabinet, and the instalment is just under £2000. Thankfully, once fitted the NHS cover the maintenance costs and if someone was to have a cardiac attack and there was a defibrillator nearby there is a 90% increase in the chance of survival. If defibrillators increased survival chances, there should be more fitted especially as 12 people under the age of 35 die from an undetected heart condition every single week in the UK alone. 12 lives that could have potentially survived, if there was better access to heart screenings and defibrillators.

A yearly ball is held in Charlotte’s honour and to raise money for the charity, these balls are a spectacular black-tie event with a sit-down meal and a raffle. This event helps to raise a lot of money for the charity but due to the countries current climate sadly the ball was cancelled, instead, there was a stay-at-home ball, where the attendees donate what they would have spent on their ticket, their outfit, their shoes, makeup, hair etc. Donated to the just giving page so far is £2075 which covers the cost of a defibrillator. To make up for the loss of the ball, the organisation is having an advent, 23 days of raffles to symbolise the 23 years of Charlotte’s life, the Facebook page to access the raffle starting on the 1st December is the Charlotte Adams Memorial Fund, there is also an Instagram page under the same name. Charlotte’s memory shouldn’t be forgotten, she has been described as ‘mad’ and ‘beautiful’ by her unbelievable strong mum, who fights to keep Charlotte’s memory alive. Kate has a business where she adds sparkle to glassware, these would make beautiful Christmas gifts, all profits go to the memorial fund and the Facebook page is ‘Time to Sparkle’. This is a shocking and heart-breaking reality, without the funds people like Kate will have to face the brutality of losing a child, due to lack of funding for screenings and defibrillators. Together we can make a difference, £10 for a raffle ticket, that money is donated in Charlotte’s honour, Kate had to channel her pain into something helpful, something useful and I think that goal has been accomplished, no amount of money will make the pain from losing Charlotte go away, but it could make the world of difference to someone with an undetected heart condition.