The newly developed Covid-19 vaccines are at the focal point of nearly every media form recently. Different vaccines being developed by pharmaceutical companies with contradicting information everywhere. A sense of confusion seems to influence everyone’s opinions on the drug; concerns, fears and lack of understanding may be causing widespread misinformation. This could be absolutely vital in the distribution of the vaccine, people have the free will to refuse this vaccine, and therefore the aim of immunity as a country could be foiled
When asked in an independent survey, 76% of young people said they would get the vaccine, if offered it. However, 60% of young people also said they would be worried about being administered any of the COVID-19 vaccine, which conveys this sense of panic that seems to be prevalent in the majority of people's opinions of the vaccine. 

In this survey, young people were also asked about their specific concerns for the vaccine. The majority expressed their apprehension about the side effects, and the actual ingredients in the vaccine. A student from Essex said “I am concerned that the vaccine hasn’t been around long enough for us to see the long term effect, we should be made aware of the risks and potential harm that it could have to our health”. This is a view shared by 50% of people surveyed; the rapid development of the vaccine is extraordinary because of the nature of this virus, and approvals are sped up due to the desperation of our world. 

However, another area of concern some young people have is opposition to the drug. A student from Essex said they are worried about “people not taking the vaccine and furthering the social depravation of society” as clearly, without a vaccinated nation, we are a long way off from being back to normal. Although many people surveyed conveyed their respect for others having their own decision about if they would like to be vaccinated, others are disappointed by the choices of society. Some students claimed that anti-vaxxers were “selfish”, “unreasonable”, “ignorant” and “stupid because it [the vaccine] is created by top scientists”. Contrastingly, others stated “it’s their choice” and that they “understand it to some extent”. However, another student suggested “this highlights the possibly dangerous nature of free will without the knowledge that professionals have, and presents the threat of misinformed decisions”. 

Another area of concern is capitalism and deprivation of the vaccine for third-world countries. This vaccine is a product in a capitalist society; rich pharmaceutical companies are looking to profit off of this product, which could cause uneven distribution of the vaccine, possibly leading to certain third-world countries being deprived. As a result of this, the virus could possibly mutate and immunise to the vaccine, which leaves us completely at threat to another pandemic. A student stated “If people can’t get access to the vaccine, there may not be enough people vaccinated for herd immunity to work”. 

Whatever you believe about the COVID-19 vaccine, please ensure you are well informed by a reputable source. Stay safe.