Christmas time is a very fun and festive time for football fans up and down the county. The schedule

 is packed over the Christmas period, which some mangers including Klopp and Guardiola have come out to say they don’t like it, but it is the tradition in Britain. The tradition in this county dates back to the Victoria era. During this time football was played on Christmas day because it was a day off and there was a tradition of public working-class events. It was also at times played on Boxing day meaning two games in two days. For many working people this could be the only chance of the year to catch a game. Football was a poor man’s game; it was something that brought people together in the hard times of poverty and this is where Christmas and football become so closely intertwined. It also gave people of this time a day to get out of the house which was seen as a relaxing thing due to most of the houses being in very poor condition and very hectic due to the fact, they were very small and usually has a lot of people living in them.

Again, football came through and brought the soldiers together on Christmas day during world war one. It is famously known that on Christmas day the German and British soldiers called a truce for the day and played matches of football in the snow on no man’s land. This was again brought back to light in the 2014 Sainsburys advert where they did the advert based off this. The advert touched the hearts of many and also brought back up the importance of football during the festive period. However, Christmas day football dwindled over the years as the living standards improved as well as food and gifts becoming more affordable. Christmas was brought back to just being purely family time, it was becoming more normal to stay in and have the family round and celebrate Christmas together, rather than one or two members of the family going out. Christmas is now a day where very little people work and due to this there is no public transport running on Christmas day, so it was just normalised to stay in. Due to religious reasons all games on Christmas day (and good Friday) where stopped. This came about as two English international players, Harold Fleming and Arthur Bridgett refused to play on these days for religious reasons. So nowadays the Christmas tradition is going to football on boxing day and new years day. It gives people the break that they need, and precious time spent with their families. Like it or not it has become a great part of British culture and this is why non English managers that come over here are also shocked and annoyed by how many games there plays are expected to play during this time, they argue that it is dangerous and can put a strain on their players which results in more injured, but they have to like it and get one with it as it is something that has always been a big thing in Britain, especially for families and it’s a way to create memorise and to create a tradition which will go through generations to come.