Hello fellow travel fanatics and dreamers! Ever since I can remember I’ve had the dream for adventure, to explore beyond the horizon and become a travel writer.

However, with the issue of covid-19 reaching a year, the travel industry has been left massively effected leaving many people hesitant with looking for a holiday break.But this shouldn’t stop us from being able to dream, plan and explore our possibilities whilst we wait. That is why you should create a travel journal with all the places you dream to visit ranging from tropical water villas to cosy winter lodges. Decorate it with stickers, pictures and use colourful pens to create something that looks fun but also reminds you of your goals. Starting a journal off can be difficult though and if you don’t know where to start or where to look I have listed four travel destinations, with detailed and descriptive overviews and personalised comments to help give you a jump start on just how much there is to explore.

Atlantis, Paradise Island

This stunning island resort is located just off the coast of New Providence in the Bahamas. With white-sanded beaches and tropical and oceanic views, the Atlantis Resort offers accommodation for a wide range of guests, from thrill-seekers to families or couples looking for a romantic getaway. With amazing pools and lagoons, luxurious restaurants and a wide range of activities, nobody will be bored when visiting this paradise. There are six hotels available to choose from, depending on your preferred stay, with hotels such as The Royal which offers guests with a stay fit for thrill-seekers and The Beach hotel which offers their guests a more relaxed and casual holiday. Food is a standout point of the resort with a chance to dine at any of their twenty-one restaurants including French cuisine, Japanese cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine. With also outdoor restaurants where you can experience scenic dining with views of the lagoons and sea, perfect for sunset. The island offers a lot more activities than just its heavenly beaches and pools though, with the 141-acre Aquaventure water park. perfect for families and thrill-seekers with the 60-ft Leap of Faith and The Abyss which has a 50-ft long drop, splashing through waterfalls and finally landing into The Cenote, an underground lair. There is also Dolphin Cay where you can learn a bit about the sea animals and also have the choice to swim or kayak among the animals for an up-close and special look at the beautiful animals. This is a perfect holiday destination as it is perfect for anybody and offers a wide range or activities fit for anybody’s preferences.

Japamala Resort

On the island of Tioman, the Japamala Resort focuses on its love and respect for nature with it being built around the islands natural landscape and ensuring that the wildlife, plants and land are disturbed as little as possible. The treehouse like chalets, sarangs and villas offer a rustic yet luxurious design ensuring a relaxing or romantic stay with guests having to be over the age of sixteen. This getaway is perfect for couples looking for a romantic break and have an appreciation for nature. Overlooking the sunset, you can lavish on Asian snacks or dine under the stars for a more romantic meal. The Tamarind Tioman offers hand-picked Thai, Indochinese and Malay cuisine whilst surrounded by the magical and encapsulating rainforest. Mandi Mandi is one of the islands most iconic spots, offering an overwater dining of beverages and cocktails whilst watching the sunset. Although, Japamala is a more relaxed resort, the hotel does offer boat excursions to Monkey Bay, Renggis island or Coral Island, where you can participate in snorkelling amongst the tropical sea-life. There are also Jungle trekking trips into the 150-million-year-old rainforest where you can visit Genting visit and also an excursion to Muket Island where you can see its twin peaks and trek to the breath-taking waterfall. This resort is perfect for you if you are looking to relax amongst nature and riveting views.

Hotel Ristorante Grotta Palazzese

For my next place to visit I chose a beautiful five-star hotel built within the famous natural cave Grotta Palazzese in Puglia, Italy. With fifteen luxurious hotel rooms hanging over the sea, guests are given a beautiful view of the crystal-clear Mediterranean Sea and provided with advanced technology systems. The hotels famous restaurant situates inside the Grotta Palazzese cave, making it among one of the ten most exclusive outdoor restaurants in the world. Overlooking the clear water, guests are provided with an elegant and welcoming stay and have availability to spend the day at the private beach just a short shuttle bus ride away. Although the Hotel itself doesn’t offer a wide range of activities, the hotel is situated in the stunning region of Puglia. With white-washed houses lining the rocky cliffs, Puglia has so much history available to explore, with Medieval Fortresses, museums and cute cafés it is perfect for people with a love for historic adventures and a peaceful getaway. Puglia, the heart of Italy’s wines and olive oil, is a must to visit and Hotel Ristorante Grotta Palazzese is only one of the remarkable reasons to visit this historical location.

Leopard Hills Private Game Reserve

Leopard Hills is a spectacular Reserve and Lodge located in Hazyview, South Africa. Their speciality is to offer guests with amazing close-up encounters with many of the animals there, including elephants, lions, rhinos, buffalos and leopards, making a unique and memorable experience. The Reserve spans over 10,000 hectares and has an amazing range of diverse ecosystems, set on rocky out crop with amazing views of the bush. The eight newly-renovated and decorated elegant suites are glass-fronted and include private plunge pools, sun decks and both indoor and outdoor showers. With this touch of modernity and elegance you are still able to overlook the views of African bushveld, making a unique and beautiful contrast. Dining at Leopard Hills will ensure guests with a special experience. With flavours and cuisines from around the world complemented with an African twist and many dining experiences to choose from, guests are provided with only the best quality and care. The Boma gives a more traditional dining experience whilst under the stars after an evening of game drive where guests can sit next to the crackling fire and enjoy a feast. The Lodge offers a range of nearby activities such as a swimming pool deck, bar, library, massage and treatment facilities and well-equipped gym meaning guests are able to relax and just enjoy the African skies and views. However, guests can also explore and see the wild animals inhabiting the reserve with open-car drives and walking trails. With knowledgeable and professional rangers ensuring safety and availability to expand your knowledge on the species and wildlife within the reserve. Leopard Hills is a truly unique and exciting experience with the Lodge maintaining care and safety for the animals, wildlife and land showing they truly love what they do.