What is it like working in the hospital during a Pandemic?

England is now on our second lockdown of the year due to the deadly Coronavirus, with infection rates rising once again in Colchester, we wonder how our courageous NHS Workers for the hospital are coping.

I interviewed a Healthcare Assistant who has been working at Colchester Hospital for 14 years to get an understanding of what it is really like to work in the hospital during this challenging period.

"It is challenging and can sometimes be stressful, but we get through each shift as a team and help each other during these difficult times."

During the interview, we discussed about their PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that they must wear which is used to protect their selves and others around them.

"First we have to change into Scrubs, then we put on a Hair Net, Gown, PPE 3 Mask, Gloves and a Visor. "

The PPE does not have to be worn during the whole shift. 

"It tends to be for around 4 hours at a time. Although some days it can be longer depending on the situation of the ward. We would then have a break and after that we would get fully gowned and go again".

Finally, I asked if they enjoyed working at the hospital in general.

"Working at the hospital you get to meet loads of different kinds of people and I really enjoy it, especially the ward I am on, we have a great team of people".

Overall, we can interpret that working at the hospital isn't simple but certainly worth it when working with a team of dedicated people who desire the same goals; helping protecting and saving lives.

Stay safe.