With it coming up to thirty weeks without any fans being allowed in football stadiums, I think the government now more than ever need to start taking steps to get some fans back 

When Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta tested positive for covid back in March it was inevitable that everyone’s safety for all football and sporting events should be cancelled. More than 30 weeks down the line, football came back without the fans in the stadiums. Which at first everyone treated this with joy; finally, the sport we all know, and love was coming back to our televisions. This did come with disappointed fans though and Liverpool fans missed out on being in Anfield while witness their team lift the Premier League title for the first time in 30 years; a momentous occasion that would’ve seen the red side of Merseyside partying long into the night all together. It may have been behind closed doors, but the trophy presentation was a thing of beauty. Also, Leeds fans missed watching their team win the championship and watch their team be promoted back to the premier league for the first time in 16 years after narrowly missing out last year.

Obviously, the circumstances at the time meant that the fans wherejust happy the season didn’t get null and voided; however, the circumstances now are different, and I feel like the government has a lot to answer for as to why football clubs seem to be getting different treatment form every other industry. We were all told to go out, eat out, help the economy. Which a lot of people did; they sat in restaurants and pubs indoors, socially distanced, but indoors. The government didn’t seem to have a problem with that, it was deemed safe and fine. Yet a small number of fans can’t go and sit outside and be socially distanced in a football stadium? I truly believe that if the government benefited from the money football clubs make, they’d be open. I’m not even just talking about the Liverpool’s and Manchester City’s that are owned by millionaires and probably could survive forever without having fans in the stadiums. We’re talking about the teams Shrewsbury Town and Yeovil. These teams need the fans in the stadium to survive. They need the sales they get from fans buying burgers and drinks at half time and full time. Buying shirts that go directly to the club and are not just filling the millionaire owners of premier leagueteams. Small clubs need the money match day makes, otherwise they’ll go into liquidation.

The government doesn’t seem to care. Right now, as I’m writing this, Boris Johnson is encouraging people to go to the cinema as it was recently announced that Cineworld will have to temporally close. They are also showing the football games in the cinema. So, by this Government’s amazing rules, you can go with your friends to the cinema in an enclosed space, (which the government previously said makes the virus more likely to spread), instead of going to an outside stadium to watch your team play. This really doesn’t make sense and will see small football teams struggling to exist in the forthcoming years. This literally proves that if it’s not the government benefiting from the money being made, they literally couldn’t care less, people live and breathe football, let’s hope as a whole community that the government step in and do something before it’s too late.