Sir David Attenborough will return to our screens this weekend for a new BBC series titled Mammals.

The 97-year-old naturalist and broadcaster will explain the behaviour of mammals from the small Etruscan shrew to the giant blue whale.

Mammals is a six-part series and takes Sir David back to more than 20 years ago when his first programme about them ended.

In each episode, he will look at different environments - Dark, Cold, Heat, Water, Forest and The New Wild – as well as animals from the miniature tenrecs of Madagascar to the humpback whales of the Indian Ocean.

BBC executive producer Roger Webb said: “Being mammals ourselves, the animals featured in the series and the stories told about them are instantly relatable.

“It’s impossible not to admire a mother capuchin monkey who’s able to provide her baby with a drink in a dry, sun-baked forest or a chimpanzee father giving his family a lesson in finding honey buried underground.

“This connection to us makes Mammals an incredibly engaging and compelling piece of television, one that will also lead us to question our role in the lives of the wild mammals we share the planet with.”

How to watch Sir David Attenborough’s new series Mammals

Sir David Attenborough, often dubbed a national treasure by his fans, will return to our screens on Sunday, March 31.

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Mammals will air on BBC One at 7pm and viewers can also see the show on BBC iPlayer.

Jack Bootle, BBC head of commissioning at specialist factual, said: “Following the enormous success of Wild Isles and Planet Earth III last year, I’m delighted Sir David is returning to the BBC to present this fascinating new series.

“Mammals are the most adaptable and, for my money, adorable animals on earth, and I can’t wait for viewers to learn more about the remarkable strategies they use to survive in every corner of the planet.”