A new thriller series for ITV1 will be arriving on the platform soon in Passenger, which stars Wunmi Mosaku.

She plays former Met Police detective Riya Ajunwa who investigates a series of "strange and inexplicable crimes" that have left the people of Cheddar Vale quite perplexed.

The six-part series marks the screenwriting debut of Andrew Buchan, who is known for his acting roles in Better and Carnival Row. 

A description of the series on the Radio Times reads: "As an outsider to the small town world of Cheddar Vale, Riya is left confused when a local girl goes missing and turns up the next day, with everyone seemingly going back to normal with minimal questions. But all is not as it seems, so can Riya get to the bottom of what's actually going on?"

When the show was first announced Buchan said: "I’ve always loved shows where the known collides with the unknown… where you see communities faced with something horrifying and inexplicable, where, as a viewer, you’ve nothing in your kit-bag to explain it.

"When I started writing the scripts, I wanted to create something epic and unknown but also bed it somewhere close to home. Having grown up in Lancashire it felt like the perfect place for it. We’ll definitely see the residents of Chadder Vale pushed to their limits."

ITV Passenger full cast list

  • Wunmi Mosaku as Riya Ajunwa
  • Rowan Robinson as Katie Wells
  • David Threlfall as Jim Bracknell
  • Jo Hartley as Chief Constable Linda Markel

  • Arian Nik as Nish Chowdry
  • Ella Bruccoleri as Ali Day
  • Jack James Ryan as John Trowbridge
  • Nico Mirallegro as Kane Jackson
  • Daniel Ryan as Derek Jackson
  • Barry Sloane as Eddie Wells
  • Natalie Gavin as Joanne Wells

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  • Sean Gilder as Tony Corrigan
  • Debbie Rush as Terry Jackson
  • Hubert Hanowicz as Jakub Makowski
  • Matilda Freeman as Lilly Wells
  • Shervin Alenabi as Mehmet Shah

When will ITV's Passenger be on TV?

The first episode of Passenger will air at 9pm on Sunday, March 24 on ITV1, with the second episode airing in the same time slot on Monday, March 25.

After that, the remaining episodes will air in the same timeslots "across the following weeks".