Sky and Freeview TV viewers have been told a channel will be axed from the end of the month. 

The shareholders of SportyStuff TV Limited have decided to close down the channel at midnight local London time on 31 March 2024 signalling the end of Greyhound TV.

It burst onto the scene in 2011 and became a favourite for less mainstream sports.

The channel was free to access on Freeview, Freesat and Sky. Kevan Moretti, SportyStuff TV's chairman & CEO, the driving force behind the founding of the business back in 2011 commented: "This brings to a close 12 years of service provided by the Company to shareholders and viewers.

"We would especially like to thank SportyStuffTV's production staff, presenters, guests, crew, and suppliers for their continued support throughout.

"With inevitable sadness today, there is also much to be proud of and it is regrettable that external circumstances beyond our control have brought about this closure. 2023 was the Company’s most successful year of trading, so we leave now at the top of our game.”

"So Sad fantastic channel with great characters," one fan wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

"This was my last access to Your wonderful world of dog racing," another commented in response to the channel being axed.

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Greyhound TV's Tuesday programme is broadcast on SportyStuff TV (Sky channel 427, Freeview 271 plus Freesat channel 250) and also streamed free via their website.

The programme is presented by Jason Barrasford alongside analyst Emily Wallis.

However, it may not be the end of the channel.

AYOZAT the operators of AYOZAT STREAM on and AYOZAT TV on Sky 186, since announced its ambition to re-launch SportyStuffTV on AYOZAT’s free-to-air broadcasting platforms.

"AYOZAT is determined to help keep the show on the road"

Umesh Perera, AYOZAT CEO, told AYONews: “After many years of working and supporting SportyStuffTV, we have this week witnessed its sad demise. This comes at a time when the business was emerging from its best ever financial results in 2023.

"AYOZAT is determined to help keep the show on the road and is declaring an open door for rights holders and bookmaker operators to join with us and engage in the re-birth of the channel to provide the best of the best in televised greyhound racing, thoroughbred racing, snooker, darts, and in time further sports that hold a betting interest.

"To back that invitation, we are delighted to announce the appointment of Kevan Moretti SportyStuffTV’s CEO and Chairman to the board of AYOZAT Holdings Ltd.

"Kevan brings an unrivalled experience in the televising of live sports content but also a unique talent in coalescing different interest groups into businesses and projects that as well as being financially rewarding, promote the sports involved for the common good”.