The BAFTA-winning Race Across the World will be returning for a new series, which means the BBC is now looking for the right candidates to take on the ultimate adventure.

Those who take part in the show will be on a limited budget and will be without the “luxuries” of modern technologies and conveniences in everyday life.

However, contestants selected for Race Across the World will experience life in some of the world’s “most beautiful and remote” locations.

Speaking about the new pairs who want to take part, the BBC added: “Navigating their way across thousands of miles, they will travel through spectacular scenery and dynamic cities, visit ancient wonders, learn local customs, and take part in time-honoured traditions. But the physical journey is only half of the story… 

“As they take on the challenge of travelling across the world, perhaps the greatest thing they’ll discover is about themselves and one another.”

How do you apply to go on Race Across the World?

The BBC says the experience is “open for all” – you can fill out your application here before the deadline on April 19, 2024.

The broadcaster explained: “Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or total novice. We want to hear what undertaking a trip like this would mean to you, and with a cash prize at stake, what lengths you would go to to win.  

“Maybe you’re looking to change something in your life? Or are keen to share the journey with someone special like a family member, best friend, or someone you’ve lost touch with? You may even have a very personal reason for wanting to travel at this time in your life or explore a particular part of the world.”

Please note, that all applicants must be over the age of 18 on the date of submitting their application.

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Do you get paid for Race Across the World?

Although it’s not been confirmed if contestants are paid for going on Race Across the World, as mentioned above, the couples will receive a limited budget for their travels.

Plus, the winners who are first to reach the final checkpoint will get to take home the £20,000 cash prize.

You can watch all previous episodes of Race Across the World on the BBC iPlayer now.