One of Death in Paradise’s most loved characters is making his return tonight (February 25), weeks after fans claimed he had gone “missing”.

Although he is small, he has a mighty effect on the BBC audience, with one viewer saying “the show just isn’t the same without him”.

But the wait is almost over, as Harry the (CGI) Lizard will be back on the crime drama series on Sunday’s episode, as seen in an exclusive clip by Radio Times.

The reptile who lives in the beachfront bungalow which now belongs to DI Neville Parker has been a familiar face on the programme since it began back in 2011, but so far this series he has yet to make his debut.

Concerned fans have taken to X, formerly Twitter over recent weeks trying to locate him.

This fan commented: “I do miss the little dude the show just isn’t the same without him.”

“Maybe Harry is on vacation. He went to Disney World,” wondered another.

This tweet asked: “Have you checked the local internet cafe? @DIPHarryLizard is always on Twitter”

BBC Death in Paradise fans 'sob with relief' over return of Harry the Lizard

The official Harry the Lizard account @DIPHarryLizard on X, formerly Twitter responded to the exciting news, posting: Hurray!!! Confirmation I am going to be back on your screens tomorrow night at last!!!!”

One viewer responded: “Oh thank god! We can stand down our fight now. Let’s hope this is the start of you being back on our screens every episode.”

“Made my day thank goodness something to look forward to,” added another.

This account shared: “At last we get to see Harry, the biggest star of DIP.”

A user wrote: “Oh! Thank goodness! *Sobs with relief!*”

Elsewhere in tonight’s episode, although Harry is keeping Neville company as he taps away on his laptop, things don’t go according to plan.

Radio Times explained: “It's late at night and Neville seems to be enjoying the evening, with music playing on his record player as he sits beside his latest gadget, an insect zapper.

“He's pleased with his latest purchase, and is taking to his blog to leave a review - but is also chatting to someone online with the username of 'SunsetChaser'.

“Neville is impressed with the compliment he receives from the mystery user, who says Neville's descriptions of Saint Marie "paints pictures in her mind".

“As Neville replies, he tries writing 'I try to be as evocative as I can' but it autocorrects 'evocative' to 'erotic'.

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“Just as he starts to frantically try and fix his laptop's mistake, the power suddenly goes out in his home - and, as we later see, in the whole of Saint Marie. 'Well, that's not good, is it?' Neville remarks.”

When is Death in Paradise on TV tonight?

Episode four of Death in Paradise, series 13 will air on BBC One and BBC iPlayer from 9pm until 10pm.

All previous episodes are available to watch on BBC iPlayer now.