Cadbury has revealed why they are set to shrink the size of a number of their chocolate bars.

The confectionary giant said the move is an attempt to tackle childhood obesity.

Which chocolate bars are affected?

The company will cut the calories of their popular Chomp, Curly Wurly and Fudge chocolate bars.

The change is part of the company’s commitment to introduce a 100 calorie cap on all of its products commonly bought for children.

When will it happen - and why are the calories being reduced?

According to Cadbury owner Mondelez, the confectioners will be reducing the three bars to under 100 calories “over the next few months.”

The calories in Barny Sponge Bears will also be reduced to fewer than 100. Cadbury Mini Fingers and Cadbury Animals have already been changed.

Mondelez MD, Louise Stigant, told The Grocer that limiting calories was “the right approach in terms of helping parents control calories when wanting to treat their children.”

“We feel strongly about playing our part in tackling childhood obesity and are focusing on the areas where we can make the greatest impact,” she said.


Bid to tackle childhood obesity

For parents concerned that their child is overweight, the NHS explains that there are a lot of different things you can do to help them become a healthy weight as they grow. This includes being aware of high-calorie foods.

“Knowing how many calories your child consumes each day, and balancing that with the amount of energy they use up in activity, will help them reach and stay at a healthy weight,” notes the NHS.

Children should also aim to eat five or more portions of fruit and vegetables every day, as they are a great source of fibre and vitamins and minerals.

“Almost all fruit and vegetables count towards your child's 5 A Day, including fresh, tinned, frozen and dried,” explains the NHS.

“Juices, smoothies, beans and pulses also count”.