The biggest gym chain in the UK has shared the strict new rules that people will have to follow when their centres eventually reopen.

While a confirmed opening date for indoor gyms has yet to be revealed for those in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, PureGym has shared what life will be like when they reopen their doors.

To keep gymgoers apart, boxes have been drawn on the floor, plus a number of machines will be switched off in a bid to ensure people keep their distance while taking part in exercise.

Members will also be able to enter using a QR code, rather than the pin pad system.

What have PureGym said about the upcoming changes?

Stephen Rowe, CMO from PureGym, said: "We’ve been incredibly busy in the past few months redefining our cleaning and safety standards so that our members can return to the gym knowing that they can work out as safely as possible.

"We will be implementing a number of changes, but will also need our members to play their part too – by wiping down their equipment, only coming to the gym if they feel well, and using the hand sanitiser available.

"The safety of our members and staff is a top priority, and we will be constantly reviewing the guidelines to ensure they are appropriate.

"Many of our members have really missed the gym, and we’re excited to welcome them back when the time is right."

Gazette: Social distancing: Pure Gym confirms new rules and what centres will be like when they reopen. Picture: PureGymSocial distancing: Pure Gym confirms new rules and what centres will be like when they reopen. Picture: PureGym

Here's a round-up of the rules that PureGym members will have to follow when they reopen:

  • Where there are lines of machines, including treadmills and cross trainers, every other machine will be out of use so that a good distance can be maintained from other gym-goers.
  • Large boxes will be marked out on the floor, so attendees can see the area they should stay within.
  • PureGym will also be limiting the number of people in the gym at any one time. 
  • The company's app will highlight how busy their gyms are at any given time, so those wishing to visit can check beforehand to avoid queues. 
  • Working out in pairs or groups won't be allowed.
  • A new cleaning policy will also be introduced, meaning both staff and gym-goers will take responsibility for cleaning the equipment.
  • Gym staff will clean kit and surfaces during the day.
  • Gyms will also be deep cleaned every night with high-grade anti-viral disinfectant.
  • Users will need to wipe down equipment and machines both before and after use.
  • Self-cleaning stations that contain anti-viral cleaning wipes have been installed throughout the gym.
  • Hand sanitising stations will also be at the entrance to the gym, and gym-goers will be asked to use these before they enter. These hand sanitising stations will also be present around the gym.