Streaming service Spotify has unveiled a major change for music fans.

The move from the online platform comes after a user request posted to their Community Ideas Exchange forum became the most-popular desired feature.

What is Spotify changing?

The company has announced it will lift its 10,000 song cap on user libaries.

What prompted the change?

Spotify says it has received more than 12,500 votes since 2014 to lift the song cap.

When will the change happen for users?

The streaming giant said the change will come into affect 'in the coming days', but didn't mention an exact date.

What happens when users reach their song limit?

As of May 29, once users reach the limit the following message will appear: "Epic collection my friend.

"There’s no more room in Your Library. To save more, you’ll need to remove some songs or albums."

Will there be a new cap?

While Spotify users will still be restricted to a total of 10,000 offline downloads, their online libraries will now be unlimited.

What types of content does Spotify include?

The streaming service doesn't just contain millions of songs. It also includes cover tracks and special recordings of live performances by a number of artists.

The platform also has a variety of ready-made music playlists, and hosts a mix of podcasts.