Swiss authorities are lighting up one of their most famed landmarks, the Matterhorn, to show solidarity in the fight against the coronavirus.

Local officials in the nearby town of Zermatt have authorized light artist Gerry Hofstetter to splash the Alpine peak each night with words and images of encouragement and inspiration.

Virus Outbreak Switzerland
A heart is shown on the side of the peak (Valentin Flauraud/Keystone via AP)

Restaurants, bars, shops, ski lifts and tourist trains in Zermatt and across Switzerland have been closed as officials join an international effort to clamp down on the COVID-19 outbreak.

Images on the snow-capped summit have shown a heart, the Swiss flag, the words “hope” and “#stayhome” and other messages.

The exhibition runs nightly from sunset to 11 pm, weather permitting, and can be seen live on the site.

Virus Outbreak Switzerland
The Matterhorn straddles the border between Switzerland and Italy (Valentin Flauraud/Keystone via AP)

The shows are to run through April 19, the same target date for the end of the lockdown measures.

Switzerland as of Thursday morning had counted over 10,700 cases of coronavirus, with 161 deaths, putting Switzerland among the hardest-hit countries in Europe.