A MAN recovering from breast cancer has signed up to take part in this year’s Starlight Walk.

The event is now just a fortnight away and organisers are urging men and women to follow in Andrew Tokely’s footsteps and take part.

Mr Tokely, 47, wants to raise awareness of breast cancer in men.

This year’s ten-mile walk will raise cash for the Colchester Hospitals Charity, specifically the breast cancer unit at Essex County Hospital.

In the UK, only 300 men are affected by breast cancer, compared to 45,000 women.

Mr Tokely was 45 when he discovered a lump in his right breast in November 2009.

After referral to the Ipswich Hospital breast clinic, Mr Tokely, of Capel St Mary, had a full mastectomy five months later.

He said: “Following chemo-therapy treatment, which was not very pleasant, and after a five-week course, of radiotherapy I am now on the mend.

“I have spoken to many men and women since being diagnosed and many are surprised men can also get breast cancer.”

Mr Tokely who now has to take a Tamoxifen tablet every day for the next five years, added: “I am doing the Starlight Walk again this year, as this is one of the only walks that welcome both men and women.

“I first did the walk last year and enjoyed the evening, but would like to see more men take part and help spread the word that breast cancer can affect both men and women.”

In previous years as many as 180 people have taken part in the walk under the stars, with the event raising £25,000 since it was started in 2009.

The walk starts at 8pm at Playgolf Colchester with Colchester’s MP Sir Bob Russell sending ramblers on their way via Stanway, Layer Road, Abbey Fields, Southway, up to North Station and Bergholt Road, back to the club at midnight.

Participants, who must be over 16, should arrive at the golf club from 6pm to register or fill out a form in advance.

For more information call 07754 127017 or e-mail starlight walk@hotmail.co.uk Mr Tokely also has a blog about his treatment at http://andrewtokely.wordpress.com