A CAMPAIGN has been launched in a bid to replace St Peter’s Hospital in Maldon.

Lib Dems in the town are starting a petition calling for action.

Colin Baldy, who stood for the party in last year’s General election, said the saga had been going on for years.

He said: “We have got so much house-building going on at the moment in the area and now we are beginning to come out of the biggest health crisis we have seen.

“We think this is the perfect time to do something about the hospital.

“This is a very long saga, it has lasted 20, maybe 30, years.

“It just gets pushed backwards and forwards.”

As part of the first step in the campaign, the group have begun talking to the local health hub action group and patients’ representatives.

Trevor Fernandes, patient rep on the Maldon Hospital Hub, said: “As a patient living with a long-term condition and representing the patient and public voice on a number of regional and national programmes, I am passionate about using my experience to improve health services and outcomes for citizens in our community.

“My aim is to work with our health professionals and providers to influence the successful implementation of a comprehensive health facility to replace St Peter’s Hospital and to provide adequate services for the population growth in our community.

“We are calling on local people to get behind our campaign and petition.

“In our first step we are talking to patient reps and they have got to the point where they are pulling out their hair.”

He added: “If nothing happens people forget about it, which is why we got involved.

“People living on the Dengie and surrounding areas won’t have to struggle to make the trip to Broomfield Hospital anymore.

“What we really need to do is get more people involved and everybody in Maldon demanding that something happens.”

To sign the petition search Let's get Maldon Health Hub moving on Change.org.