A NEW mum has praised the work of the community for helping deliver her breast milk to her newborn daughter after she and her partner were forced to self-isolate.

Becky, from Maldon, has not been able to see three-week-old daughter Freyja in Broomfield Hospital for ten days because partner Darren is suffering with flu-type symptoms.

Becky’s mum Cathy appealed to the Witham Community Hub for help.

They put her in contact with Essex Coronavirus Action volunteer Scott Foord who said he would act as “milkman”.

Becky said: “We had to make a really tough decision to not go to the hospital and self-isolate for 14 days at home.

“We haven’t seen Freyja since last Monday and won’t see her until next Monday.

“They did test her and she is absolutely fine.

“Her results came back negative and they have taken her out of the intensive care unit.

“I wanted to breast feed and I still wanted Freyja to be able to have my milk so we wanted to find a way to do it.

“Scott has been amazing. He has been collecting milk from our front doorstep everyday and taking it back to Broomfield.

“I understand he is living away from his own family as well so he isn’t seeing his children or his wife either.

“He has done this off his own back and I can’t thank him enough – he has been absolutely incredible.”

Witham Community Hub chair Tina Townsend said: “Becky’s mum contacted us after we sent out around 12,000 leaflets to the community saying we would help anywhere we can.

“She was really worried that her granddaughter couldn’t get the milk she needs at Broomfield Hospital. I was surprised when I first got the call and wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to help but it all happened very quickly.

“I contacted Essex County Council, who told me about Scott, who volunteered with the Essex Coronavirus Action group.”

She added: “This wouldn’t have been possible if we hadn’t set up the Pay It Forward page for Witham.

“I feel really proud to have been able to help, but it is the strangest request we have had so far and I think it might stay that way.”