MY wife and I were saddened to learn ITV news anchorman Alastair Stewart was standing down after so many years with ITN, in particular as to the way he has been treated.

We will both miss Alastair’s clear, precise and friendly dialogue when reading the news.

Many years ago I scripted and presented a short, serious programme for television.

I, along with the TV executive and her camera crew, filmed around London for more than three hours, which of course was then edited down, and was screened with Alastair Stewart and Fiona Foster introducing.

Some years later I gave a telephone interview to a quality glossy magazine which gave mention to the aforesaid programme.

When the item was published I noticed that somehow Alastair’s name had been misspelt.

Concerned over accuracy and not wanting to give offence, I telephoned the ITV office, pointing out the error, thinking no more about it.

About an hour later I received at home a telephone call from a friendly and most courteous Alastair Stewart.

We had a cheery chat and he lightly dismissed my concern.

Surprised at such a prompt reply in person, I asked him if, after so long, he remembered me.

Yes was his response, adding that he had my letter in front of him as we spoke.

I found him every inch a gentleman, having that commodity so sought after by many – class.

He will be sorely missed.

Alex Jennings

Fernlea Road, Burnham