POLICE officers have seized two e-scooters following illegal use by two men in Dovercourt.

One of the riders was also found to be in possession of a Class B drug as officers took action during a patrol.

The man was given a community resolution following the find, while both of the scooters were seized.

Both men were issued with a fixed penalty notice for traffic offences.

In a statement, Essex Police said: “E-scooters are classed as a motor vehicle and therefore must not be ridden on footpaths or pavements.

“Users must comply with road traffic legislation, which includes the requirement for riders to have a valid driving licence and valid insurance.”

At present, it is not possible to get appropriate insurance for privately owned e-scooters, therefore they must not be used on the road or in public places.

The action was taken after concerned members of public raised the issue with the police.