A FAMILY was excited after spotting a seal soaking up the sun on Harwich beach.

Lennie-Jay Petchey, 29, was testing out her metal detector with her four-year-old son Tate when something much larger came up on the horizon.

Mrs Petchey, of Victoria Street, Dovercourt, said: “We head down quite often when the tide is out as there is always sand to play in.

Gazette: Harwich Seal

“It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a seal on the beach, we were definitely excited.”

She added: “At first I was worried something could be wrong with it, although the RSPCA had no concerns and said it would just be resting.

Gazette: Harwich Seal

"Tate ended up naming it Sealy and when we returned from getting food we couldn’t see it, so I presume it made its way back home into the sea.”